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Please note that we are not a large company, so we donít have an army of people answering e-mail and giving advice.We try and channel our time and energy to giving timely service in shipping parts, and providing good pricing.Thus if you e-mail us, please donít expect an instant answer.It may take us a day or two (or more) to get back to you.We generally answer e-mail relating to orders before other e-mail, so if your question does not relate to an order, it may take us longer to get back to you.



If your question is ĎDo you have ___?í, please search our site first by using our Search function.


If your question is ĎWhen will my order be shipped/arrive?í, please refer to our Shipping_and_Ordering_Information page.


If you have a question about a part, read the description in the link in the part name.If you canít find the part, or the part name does not have a link, try our Search function, and look for the part name.


If you have a general question, please be sure to read our FAQ.


If you are looking for a part that we donít have on our site, please donít ask for it, since we donít sell it.Exceptions to this, of course, are parts from our aftermarket suppliers, such as Performance Plus, and TCE, and a few of our Ďblack opsí project parts like HD gearsets, cams, forged pistons and a few other goodies that we have not yet put up on our site.


Of course, if you are looking for SHO info, a good place to visit is the SHOtimes FAQ, for which we are the official vendor.


If you need an answer right away on something, or even just plain technical advice, you will get a faster answer from the SHO mailing lists, which we support (financially).


- The SHOforum:


- For the SHOTimes mailing list: to subscribe to the SHOtimes mailing list (350+ members with over 100 emails a day, so choose digest form)


- For the and TechSHO mailing list for fewer members and emails, and more technically oriented


- For the Delphi Forum:, and hit the "Login" button at the top to register.


If you are looking for a part that existed on our old website, but not on the new one, we donít sell it any more, so please donít ask.For more information, please see the Old Website Info.


If youíve searched our site for the part you are looking for, have read the FAQís, are not requesting a part we donít sell, and still have a question that the mailing lists canít answer, you can e-mail us at:


if your e-mail bounces, use (remove space and substitute an @)shonutforward


Again, recall that it may take us a day or two (or more) to get back to you.



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