Shipping and Ordering Information


Shipping Dates:


We ship once a week.


We ship out at the following days of the week:


Thursday pm


Since these are evening shipments, the packages are not actually picked up by the shipping company until the next day, so effectively, the ship-out days are:




NOTE – these are general rules.  From time to time, we may delay or skip a shipping date.  If you are planning work on a specific schedule, let us know with your order, we can be flexible.


Ordering Time:


We process our orders at 3:30 pm EST the day before shipping.  Thus if you want your part to go out in the Thursday pm shipping run, you need to have placed your order by Wednesday 3:30 pm EST.


As an example, if you order at 3 pm EST on Wednesday, your package will be picked up by UPS/USPS on Friday.  If you order at 4 pm EST on Wednesday, your package will be picked up by UPS/USPS on Friday the following week. 


Some parts that we make, such as fuel systems, may take longer to process, as well as any part marked ‘special order’.


Please note these times when estimating shipping times, and requesting quicker shipping etc.



Transit Time:


Depending on the shipment method, you can estimate shipping time two ways. 


Shipping times via USPS Priority post (orders under ~0.3 cubic feet, any weight, or orders less than ~4 lb) can be estimated by going to the USPS Rate page , and entering the two zip codes.  In general, this is 2-3 days from time of pickup, including Saturday.


In other words, the shipping included in what the website charges will give you 2-3 day USPS Priority shipping, provided that the order is not particularly bulky.


Shipments via UPS (all other orders, i.e. bulky ones >0.3 cubic feet) can be estimated by going to the UPS Time-In-Transit page , and entering Massena for the ship from town, and 13662 for the ship from ZIP.    Set the date to Friday of the week you order, provided you ordered by Wednesday 3:30 PM EST - see Ordering Time above.   Enter your Town and Zip, and it will give you the shipping time. 



Free Shipping:


Our shopping cart gives free shipping on orders $400 and over. 



Shipping/Insurance/Handling charged by the Website


For purchases under $400 (except cams), the following are the shipping and handling costs:


$5 for a purchase of $0.01 USD-$9.99 USD


$10 for a purchase of $10.00 USD-$49.99 USD


$12 for a purchase of $50.00 USD-$99.99 USD


$15 for a purchase of $100.00 USD-$399.99 USD


Remember that this is a combined shipping/handling charge, and thus includes a handling charge for carefully packaging your order, in addition to the shipping cost for the shipping itself.

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