Flywheel Notes

** Please note - The upgraded Ford 9.75" clutch only fits the SHO's that have had the flywheel upgraded to accept the larger clutch (95% of the SHO's out there).  If you have an 89 or 90 and the upgrade has not been performed yet and your car still has the original 9.25" clutch (some rare cases do ...), then you will need to acquire a larger flywheel and dowels, either the stock one from Ford, or other SHO vendors, or one of the modified/special lightweight ones from a SHO vendor. See the SHO Shop Driveline Section from and SP Motorsports as well as our FAQ at   There was a recall from Ford (some say has expired - check with the dealer) that replaced the clutch and flywheel with the larger unit.  If you have an 89 or 90 and are unsure whether or not the clutch was replaced with the larger unit (check your bills or from the previous owner for P/N F1DZ-7A537-A clutch and F1DZ-6375-D flywheel), follow the directions below:

To check, you can look at the clutch and tell once you remove the starter.  If the pressure plate is the same diameter as the flywheel and very thick, then you have the 9.75" pressure plate.  (past the ring gear, the flywheel/pressure plate will look to be about 1" thick, with a line in the middle)  If the pressure plate edge that you can see is just 1/8", then you have a 9.25" clutch, and the assembly will appear to be about 1/2" thick, or just the thickness of the flywheel.


If you are satisfied with a used flywheel, I do generally keep one or two around, and these are $90, and are ground and ready to be installed.

Click here for more info on used flywheels.


Pilot Bearings/Clutch Centering Tools

Due to the design of the clutch cover, you don’t have to use a clutch centering tool to centre the disc. To center the disc, first tighten the six pressure plate bolts so that the clutch disc is just held in place. Then line up the edge of the disc with your fingers so that the edge of the disc lines up evenly with the edge of the pressure plate surface inside the pressure plate cover.


Clutch Video/Engine Support

If you are doing your own clutch job, or even want to know more about how the clutch is installed, consider our Clutch Video.  There’s also a link there about making your own engine support.


Oil Leaks Between the Engine and Tranny

Click here for more info.

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