We carry used flywheels, ground and ready to go for $100, which includes a $50 core charge, refundable when your old 9.75” flywheel is returned to us.  The $50 core refund does not apply to a 9.25” flywheel.  Please check availability before ordering.


You would buy this for three reasons:

1.      If you have a 9.25” clutch/flywheel in the car and don’t want to buy a new one (Ford or high performance aftermarket)

2.      If you have a 9.75” clutch/flywheel, but don’t have access to a local machine shop to machine yours

3.      If you have a 9.75” clutch/flywheel, and want to do the clutch job all at once, and thus don’t have time to wait for your flywheel to be sent out to be machined


If you don’t know which flywheel you have, follow these instructions to find out:

To check, you can look at the clutch and tell once you remove the starter. If the pressure plate is the same diameter as the flywheel and very thick, then you have the 9.75" pressure plate.  (past the ring gear, the flywheel/pressure plate will look to be about 1" thick, with a line in the middle)  If the pressure plate edge that you can see is just 1/8", then you have a 9.25" clutch, and the assembly will appear to be about 1/2" thick, or just the thickness of the flywheel.

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