The upper gasket set contains the following (Prepacks/loose location description are for the 3.2L set):


Loose Gaskets

butterfly (on secondary intake runner) to plenum (4)
primary intake runner to plenum (2)
intake runner to head (2)
LH valve cover
RH valve cover
exhaust manifold (2)
upper cam cover gasket  (3.0L set only)
head gasket (2)


Gaskets in Prepack #1

front cam dust seal (2)
spark plug tube (6)  (may be loose)
water pump tube o-ring (2)
thermostat flat o-ring
misc timing cover gaskets (3.2L set only, not used for 3.2L MTX conversion)


Gaskets in Prepack #2

throttle body to plenum
IAB/ISC (1 of 2, intake manifold side)
RH thermostat housing
LH thermostat housing
EGR/exhaust manifold (but not EGR/intake – available separately)

Gaskets in Prepack #3

snubber top
intake valve seal (12)
injector to head (6)
injector to rail o-ring (6)
injector to rail gasket (6)

Gaskets in Prepack #4

IAB/ISC (2 of 2, IAB side)
Schrader valve top
Schrader valve bottom
cross-over tube bolt valve top
cross-over tube bolt valve bottom
pressure regulator top
pressure regulator bottom
snubber bottom
exhaust valve seal (12)

Gaskets in Prepack #5

cam oil seal (3)

If you are not replacing the head gaskets, but want the other gaskets, such as when doing a 60K service, then get the SNP-UGSLHG, which is an upper kit less the head gaskets.  This kit will work for both the 3.0L and 3.2L.


Please note that none of the gasket kits include the gaskets under the valve cover bolt heads.  These are only available with the bolts.

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