After initial beta testing proved successful back in 2000, we have been selling the CERAMIC TOB™ for several years now.  During that time, there have been NO reports from CERAMIC TOB™ clients of pressure plate fingers wearing out prematurely. In comparison, well over half of clutch failures reported on SHOtimes and other SHO sites over the years pointed to pressure plate finger wear as the primary culprit, prior to introduction of the CERAMIC TOB™ option.


In fact, it was not until the 3.2 engine swaps into MTX cars became popular that we were able to see pressure plates that had operated with the CERAMIC TOB™ for 30 K or more miles.  Finger wear rates have been measured at 80% less than comparable mileage pressure plates operated with conventional TOB's.  We are in the process of writing an article to report on the data for SHOclub magazine.


Please note that the only visual external difference between a stock and CERAMIC TOB™ is the synthetic red or grey grease that is used to re-pack it.  The key difference is internal – we replace the steel rolling elements (ball bearings) with lighter ceramic units, hence the name CERAMIC TOB™.  There is no change to the metal frame or nylon inserts.

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