Autotech Wavetrac Differential Group Buys for the Taurus SHO MTX and Taurus ATX

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Last update 1/15/11 – Shipping of the MTX units began in August '09!  We are taking full payments for immediate delivery, and deposits for delayed delivery.


As you recall, we co-ordinated the last Quaife Automatic Torque Biasing Differential (ATBD) Group Buy.


We worked with Autotech (Quaife America) in '09 about doing another group buy for the SHO 5-speed MTX, and have selected their Wavetrac ATBD for our this group buy – we really like the differential, and we are the company they would like to sell this unit for them, exclusively.  There are two reasons we like it – features and price.



We have done our own research and we are very excited about the Wavetrac. The Wavetrac is US designed AND US made by Autotech. 


This diff is primarily gear-based torque biasing, but also has two additional features that set it apart from other gear-based torque biasing differentials (including the Quaife). The first and foremost is the Wave Design Center Pack. This feature gives the car traction even when one wheel has no traction at all. In a normal gear-based torque biasing differential, if one wheel has zero traction (on glare ice or one tire in the air), the diff behaves like an open differential, because it needs SOME traction at both wheels to bias the torque. The Wavetrac, on the other hand, has the Wave Design Center Pack that provides the bias when one tire is unloaded/has no traction. The second is that the Wavetrac has Interchangeable Friction Plates to provide a way of controlling the behaviour and making a slight change in the feel of the diff. This means that you can adjust the feel and response of the to suit your needs (the diff needs to be removed and disassembled to change the Friction Plates, of course).  The bias for the diff is approximately 2.6:1.  The standard plates are shipped with all units, and should be tried out before considering the more aggressive plates.  The standard plates are expected to last the life of the diff, while the more aggressive plates would wear out earlier and are only intended for a racing car that would have the transmission out regularly for inspection (thus making it easy to change the plates when they wear out).


Autotech's web page on the differential is here, and includes a video and a link to a data sheet, as well as detailed technical information and explanations that are worth the read:


Autotech is very excited with the positive feedback they have already received from Wavetracs already out in the field for other applications, including a 740+ WHP drag car. Our testing has shown that the Wavetrac works as well as (or better than) a Quaife, and feels slightly more aggressive.  The Wave Design Center Pack really does work, and provides traction to the wheel with grip, even if the other wheel is in the air.  The Wavetrac is much quieter than a Quaife in situations where the Quaife is noisy, such as hard turns from a stop under power, and we found the same results with winter driving. We have had units in operation since '09, working flawlessly.  As with the Quaife, the warranty is lifetime, even when raced, and also transferable.


In fact, we are so excited and confident about the new features that we are replacing the Quaifes in all of our cars with the Wavetrac units (three down, 1 blower car and 2 winter cars, just one left to go), since they perform better in winter driving when one-wheel-on-ice is very common, and it's a (noisy) nuisance when the Quaife goes 'open' in that situation.


The Wavetrac for the MTX SHO application will use the same metric fasteners as the Quaife.  As with the Quaife, it is compatible with factory-specified Synthetic MERCON-compatible transmission fluids, such as Redline D4.



Though the Quaife and the Wavetrac have the same list price of US$1,495, we are able to offer better pricing for the Wavetrac of US$1395, even at the same batch sizes.  Since it is US-made, there is no duty to import one into Canada (another new benefit), though taxes do apply in Canada.  The price includes delivery to the US 48 states and Canada (again, taxes are extra for Canadians, depending on the province of delivery, but there is no duty, unlike the Quaife).


We also offer deposit of 10% at any time until they are sold is also available to hold a unit.  Deposits will hold the diff for 1 year from the time the deposit was made, so you can ‘hold’ a diff to give you more time to pay the balance, and you can pay the balance with (multiple) payments according to your schedule. You can use the 90% Balance payment button to make a single balance payment, or as some people have done, simply keep making 10% payments until it is paid off, or make PayPal payments directly to or via mail. Deposits are non-refundable, but they are transferable. This means if you sell your car or something else happens that you no longer need or can’t take the diff, you can transfer your deposit to another party (they pay you for your deposit) and then they pay the balance and take delivery. If you need a diff more than a year from now, please e-mail us.  Links to place deposits are at the end of this web page.


Once there are ~10 units left from the run, we will update the group buy thread and this page with the units remaining, so if you want a unit and HAVEN’T yet placed a deposit, you can do so before the batch is sold out.


As of: 1/15/11 – More than 10 MTX units remaining from the current MTX batch.



Taurus ATX Application

We have also completed the groundwork for a Wavetrac for the Taurus ATX.  This applies to the following Taurus transmissions: AXOD, AXODE, AX4S, AX4N and 4F50N.  As far as we know, this covers every Automatic Taurus ever built (and a few other Ford models).  Pricing and features are the same for the ATX units as they are for the MTX units.  The stock sun, planetary and ring gears are re-used.  Since we know that it will take quite a while to gather enough serious interest (30+ paying customers), we are offering a much lower deposit for the ATX unit of $50, and we plan to start that group buy officially  (i.e. accept the larger deposits and place the order) once we receive 30 deposits.  If we fail to get 30 deposits by early-2011, then we will look at cancelling the ATX group buy, after consulting those who have placed deposits.  If the ATX group buy is cancelled, then these ATX deposits are refundable.  Otherwise, if the ATX group buy goes ahead, they are non-refundable (but are transferable), as with the MTX units.


If you have any questions, or intend to place a deposit, even if not right away, as we need to track who our buyers will be, or need our mailing address to mail a cheque (including credit card cheque) or money order, please contact us (PRIOR to making the cheque out) at:


if your e-mail bounces, or if you don't get a response in a couple days, please use:


Thanks to everyone for your patience and support - we are excited to get these units on the road!



Taurus SHO MTX Wavetrac US$1395



Taurus SHO MTX Wavetrac 10% Deposit US$139.50 on US$1395 total



Taurus SHO MTX Wavetrac 90% Balance Payment ONLY US$1,255.50 on US$1395 total



Taurus ATX Wavetrac $50 Deposit

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