MTX Parts

Part Description Part Number SHO NUT Price ADD to Cart % Discount Ford Retail
Tranny Rebuild/Quaife Install Kits
Tranny seals (available seals only) SNP-TS 29.64
Tranny rebuild, available seals, available bearings, diff shim SNP-TRSB 218.14
Basic Wavetrac/Quaife install, axle seals, diff bearings, diff shim, bolts, nuts SNP-BQIS 129.12
25% 171.96
Wavetrac/Quaife install, diff shim, bolts, nuts, available seals, available bearings SNP-QISB 233.14
Individual Parts
Tranny Seals          
Axle seals BRS-50 (2) E1FZ-1S177-A 29.64
Tranny gear selector input seal (obsolete) E43Z-7288-A       11.98
Input shaft seal (obsolete) E3FZ-7A011-A       9.00
Blocking Rings          
1-2 blocking rings (2) (obsolete) E9DZ-7107-A       54.74
3-4 blocking rings (2) (obsolete) E9DZ-7107-B       54.74
5th blocking ring (obsolete) E7FZ-7107-A       20.70
1-2 synchro (obsolete) E9DZ-7124-A       84.47
3-4 synchro (obsolete) F0FZ-7124-B       79.57
5th synchro (obsolete) E7FZ-7124-C       72.92
Bearings (rear are clutch end, front are tranny end) (Timken supplied as available, obsolete from Ford)          
Input shaft front bearing (obsolete, not in kit) E9DZ-7025-A       27.23
Input shaft rear bearing (E3FZ-7025-A obsolete) (Timken) SNP-ISRB 20.80
Counter (5th) shaft brg. w/o shim (2) (E3FZ-7F431-A is obsolete) (Timken w/o shim) SNP-SET-16 27.70
37% 44.16
Output shaft front bearing (E1FZ-7025-A is obsolete) (Timken) SNP-SET-30 55.52
Output shaft rear bearing (obsolete, not in kit) E9DZ-7025-B       38.58
Differential bearings (2) (E43Z-4221-A is obsolete) (Timken) SNP-SET-37 64.48
Differential bearing shim set (E43Z-4067-A/-X are obsolete). Use our diff shim selection tool (below) to (easily) select fit. We supply 6 shims that can be combined to make any diff fit. No return required. SNP-DBSS 20.00
50% 39.72
Wavetrac torque biasing differential and install parts/tools          
Differential ring gear M12-1.75x35 grade 10.9 Bolts/Locking Nuts (10 of each, single use due to locking nut) (N802-393-S100 M12-1.75x32 grade 9.8 bolts and N802-389-S M12-1.75 grade 10 nuts are obsolete) SNP-RGBN 15.00
70% 49.60
MTX and ATX Autotech Wavetrac ATB FREE US Shipping (install kit not included) (shipping now!) SNP-MTXWT 1,395 ADD 13% 1,495
Diff Shim Selection Tool (tool + 2 spacer blocks only) SNP-DST 190.00
Diff Shim Selection Tool Rental - $130 deposit added in cart SNP-DSTR 60.00
Misc. Parts
HD axles without ABS rings (Stage V, 600+ HP) (made for SHO NUT, not on their site) SNP-HDAWOR 925
3% 950
HD axles with ABS rings (Stage V, 600+ HP) (made for SHO NUT, not on their site) SNP-HDAWR 975
3% 1,000
MTX Rebuild/Quaife DVD Install Video (Clutch Video is on Clutch pg) SNP-MQV 20.00
Clutch Install/MTX Rebuild/Quaife install combo DVD video SNP-CMQV 30.00
MTX Rebuild/Quaife VHS Install Video (Clutch Video is on Clutch pg) (limited quantity available) SNP-MQV 20.00
VSS DY-416 E43Z-9E731-A 54.83
15% 64.51
Modified Shift Clip for cable shift SHO's, keeps white socket in place SNP-MSC 5.00
Stock Dodge Shift Clip for Dodge linkages (not the same as the SHO part) 4340118 5.00
MTX CV Joint Boot, Inner TS-102 (obsolete) E8DZ-3A331-E       33.26
MTX CV Joint Boot, Outer TS-161 (grease not included) F2DZ-3A331-A 32.98
CV Joint Grease, 90 gram tube, MTX inner requires 3 tubes per side, MTX/ATX outer requires 2 tubes per side, ATX inner requires 6 tubes per side (obsolete) XG-5       6.00
Axle Seal Installer Tool T81P-1177-A 205-161 74.88
ATX Filter (gasket not included - is reuseable) FT-128 32.20
94-95 ATX pan gasket F5DZ-7A191-A 18.91

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