MTX Parts

Part Description Part Number SHO NUT Price ADD to Cart % Discount Ford Retail
Tranny Rebuild/Quaife Install Kits
Tranny seals (available seals only) SNP-TS 29.64
Tranny rebuild, available seals, available bearings, diff shim SNP-TRSB 221.95
Basic Wavetrac/Quaife install, axle seals, diff bearings, diff shim, bolts, nuts SNP-BQIS 139.02
19% 171.96
Wavetrac/Quaife install, diff shim, bolts, nuts, available seals, available bearings SNP-QISB 236.95
Individual Parts
Tranny Seals          
Axle seals BRS-50 (2) E1FZ-1S177-A 29.64
Tranny gear selector input seal (obsolete) E43Z-7288-A       11.98
Input shaft seal (obsolete) E3FZ-7A011-A       9.00
Blocking Rings          
1-2 blocking rings (2) (obsolete) E9DZ-7107-A       54.74
3-4 blocking rings (2) (obsolete) E9DZ-7107-B       54.74
5th blocking ring (obsolete) E7FZ-7107-A       20.70
1-2 synchro (obsolete) E9DZ-7124-A       84.47
3-4 synchro (obsolete) F0FZ-7124-B       79.57
5th synchro (obsolete) E7FZ-7124-C       72.92
Bearings (rear are clutch end, front are tranny end) (Timken supplied as available, obsolete from Ford)          
Input shaft front bearing (obsolete, not in kit) E9DZ-7025-A       27.23
Input shaft rear bearing (E3FZ-7025-A obsolete) (Timken) SNP-ISRB 20.97
Counter (5th) shaft brg. w/o shim (2) (E3FZ-7F431-A is obsolete) (Timken w/o shim) SNP-SET-16 22.37
49% 44.16
Output shaft front bearing (E1FZ-7025-A is obsolete) (Timken) SNP-SET-30 54.59
Output shaft rear bearing (obsolete, not in kit) E9DZ-7025-B       38.58
Differential bearings (2) (E43Z-4221-A is obsolete) (Timken) SNP-SET-37 74.38
Differential bearing shim swap fee (E43Z-4067-A/-X are obsolete). Use our diff shim selection tool (below) to fit. We supply the correct shim from our stock, and get yours back.  Purchase with other parts to get free shipping. SNP-DBSS 20.00
50% 39.72
Wavetrac torque biasing differential and install parts/tools          
Differential ring gear M12-1.75x35 grade 10.9 Bolts/Locking Nuts (10 of each, single use due to locking nut) (N802-393-S100 M12-1.75x32 grade 9.8 bolts and N802-389-S M12-1.75 grade 10 nuts are obsolete) SNP-RGBN 15.00
70% 49.60
MTX and ATX Autotech Wavetrac ATB FREE US Shipping (install kit not included) (shipping now!) SNP-MTXWT 1,395 ADD 13% 1,495
Diff Shim Selection Tool (tool + 2 spacer blocks only) SNP-DST 190.00
Diff Shim Selection Tool Rental - $130 deposit added in cart SNP-DSTR 60.00
Misc. Parts
HD axles without ABS rings (Stage V, 600+ HP) - you supply Ford Inner housing (made for SHO NUT, not on their site) SNP-HDAWOR 1,115
2% 1,140
HD axles with ABS rings (Stage V, 600+ HP) - you supply Ford Inner housing (made for SHO NUT, not on their site) SNP-HDAWR 1,165
2% 1,190
MTX Rebuild/Quaife DVD Install Video (Clutch Video is on Clutch pg) SNP-MQV 20.00
Clutch Install/MTX Rebuild/Quaife install combo DVD video SNP-CMQV 30.00
MTX Rebuild/Quaife VHS Install Video (Clutch Video is on Clutch pg) (limited quantity available) SNP-MQV 20.00
VSS DY-416 E43Z-9E731-A 54.83
15% 64.51
Modified Shift Clip for cable shift SHO's, keeps white socket in place SNP-MSC 5.00
Stock Dodge Shift Clip for Dodge linkages (not the same as the SHO part) 4340118 5.00
MTX CV Joint Boot, Inner TS-102 (obsolete) E8DZ-3A331-E       33.26
MTX CV Joint Boot, Outer TS-161 (grease not included) F2DZ-3A331-A 32.98
CV Joint Grease, 90 gram tube, MTX inner requires 3 tubes per side, MTX/ATX outer requires 2 tubes per side, ATX inner requires 6 tubes per side (obsolete) XG-5       6.00
Axle Seal Installer Tool T81P-1177-A 205-161 69.15
ATX Filter (gasket not included - is reuseable) FT-128 32.20
94-95 ATX pan gasket F5DZ-7A191-A 18.91