HD Clutches


In response to client concerns about break-in time for Clutchmasters Stage 1 clutches, and slippage during the break-in, we have had Clutchmasters make us a HD clutch to our specs.


Since the concerns appear to relate to modifications to the plate (modifying the ramps on the back, and grinding the face), and the use of the Stage I/Steelback disc) none of these plate modifications are done to the SHO NUT HD clutches they do for us, and we supply a custom-made organic disc.  The SHO NUT HD units are thus otherwise a Clutchmasters Stage 1, (i.e. HD straps and rivets, alignment tool) but without the pressure plate mods and with a custom disc.  Visually, the pressure plate will be the cast iron grey (instead of the Stage I white), the plate mating surface will have the original machining marks, and the back of the plate will be unmodified.


These units should not slip right after installation, nor have a light pedal at high RPM.  In other words, they should feel exactly like a stock clutch, but not be subject to rivet or strap failure in the same fashion as the stock unit, which has weak straps and rivets that are easily bent and sheared.  The plate would also have the same clamping force as stock.


Since we believe that our CERAMIC TOBTM is THE key to reducing finger wear, to get the full life of the clutch lining, our HD clutch is only sold with the CERAMIC TOBTM.

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