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Gasket Sets
V6 MTX overhaul gasket set (obsolete, for reference) E9DZ-6008-B       732.09
V6 ATX overhaul gasket set (obsolete, for reference) F3DZ-6008-B       720.52
V6 MTX Upper gasket set (obsolete, for reference) E9DZ-6079-D     378.46
V6 ATX Upper gasket set (obsolete, for reference) F3DZ-6079-C       470.08
Sample gaskets included in the upper gasket sets (for reference, not the complete list)
V6 MTX head gasket (2) (obsolete) E9DZ-6051-A       180.62
V6 ATX head gasket (2) (obsolete) F3DZ-6051-A       202.50
V6 Cam seals (1) - 3 used on engine, or buy 1 for cam sensor (obsolete) E9DZ-6700-A       10.20
V6 Front Cam Seal (2) (obsolete) E9DZ-6K292-A       19.36
V6 Throttle Body Gasket (obsolete) E9DZ-9E936-A       3.01
V6 Intake Manifold Gaskets (runner to head) (2) E9DZ-9439-A 39.74
V6 Valve Cover Gasket RH (Get Felpro Kit instead) E9DZ-6584-A       49.09
V6 Valve Cover Gasket LH (Get Felpro Kit instead) E9DZ-6584-B       101.28
V6 Spark Plug Tube Seals (6) (Get Felpro Kit instead) E9DZ-6F048-A       202.08
V6 Primary gaskets (primary to plenum) (2) E9DZ-9H486-A 19.06
V6 Butterfly gaskets (butterfly to horns, horns to plenum) (4) E9DZ-9H486-B 33.36
V6 Butterfly gaskets (butterfly to plenum, for intake WITHOUT horns) (2) E9DZ-9H486-B 16.68
V6 IAB/ISC gasket (to valve) (obsolete) E9DZ-9F670-A       6.08
V6 IAB/ISC gasket (to intake) (obsolete) E9DZ-9F670-B       5.00
V6 Injector O-rings CME-4631 (6) (obsolete) E9DZ-9229-A       15.54
V6 Water Pump Supply Tube O-rings (2) (obsolete) E9DZ-8563-A       12.26
V6 Injector nozzle-to-head seal (6) (obsolete) E9DZ-9C991-A       10.62
Gaskets not included in the upper gasket sets, but included in overhaul kits
V6 Front crank seal (obsolete) E9DZ-6700-B       12.34
V6 Rear crank seal (obsolete) F0DZ-6701-A       30.08
V6 Rear crank seal carrier gasket (obsolete) E9DZ-6C335-A       12.45
V6 Felpro Rear main seal/carrier gasket kit - includes rear main seal and rear main seal carrier gasket BS-40623 30.00
V6 Front Oil Pan Seal (obsolete) E9DZ-6722-A       13.11
V6 Rear Oil Pan Seal (obsolete) E9DZ-6723-A       12.26
V6 Felpro oil pan gasket kit - includes front and rear gaskets and silicone FEL-OPGS 23.99
V6 SHO NUT Oil Pump Pickup Gasket (E9DZ-6626-A is obsolete) SNP-OPPG 2.50
V6 SHO NUT MTX Oil Pump-to-Block Gasket (E9DZ-6659-A is obsolete) SNP-MOPG 2.50
V6 SHO NUT ATX Oil Pump-to-Block Gasket (F3DZ-6659-A is obsolete) SNP-AOPG 2.50
V6 Oil Level Sender Gasket (obsolete) E9DZ-6C626-A       5.41
V6 Oil Drain Plug Gasket E9DZ-6734-A 1.93
V6 Oil Cooler Bolt to Block Gasket (obsolete) E9DZ-6749-A       28.49
V6 Oil Cooler to block Gasket (obsolete) E9DZ-6L621-A       13.82
Other miscellaneous gaskets not included in any set
V6 Felpro Valve Cover Kit VS-50378-R 144.67
V6 Water Pump-to-block O-ring (obsolete) E9DZ-8513-B       8.52
V6 EGR valve to intake manifold gasket CG-682 E6AZ-9D476-B 3.55
V6 Oil Level Sender (obsolete) F2AZ-6C624-A       91.32