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Individual MTX parts
V6 MTX Timing Belt (obsolete) E9DZ-6268-A       125.89
V6 MTX 89-93 Alternator/AC belt JK6-450 (obsolete) E9DZ-8620-D       80.20
V6 MTX 94-95 Alternator/AC belt JK6-456-A (obsolete) F29Z-8620-D       26.27
V6 MTX Power Steering/water pump belt JK4-506 (obsolete) E9DZ-8620-E       79.40
V6 MTX plug wires WR-4033 (get ACCEL instead) (obsolete) E9DZ-12259-A       361.73
V6 MTX O2 Sensor DY-606 (1) - buy 2 to get both F0SZ-9F472-A 107.76
V6 MTX Motorcraft Racing HP oil filter FL1-HP 16.80
10% 18.67
V6 MTX Water pump PW-272 F0DZ-8501-A 407.70
V6 MTX Water pump (SHO Source aftermarket) SS-CD-MWP 179.99
V6 MTX Upper Rad hose KM-3084 F5DZ-8260-FA 37.96
V6 MTX Lower Rad hose KM-3086 (obsolete) F5DZ-8286-FA       32.91
V6 MTX Heater hose for tube w/ head tab to heater core KH-295 (obsolete) E9DZ-18472-D       15.42
V6 MTX Heater hose for tube w/ intake tab to heater core (obsolete) E9DZ-18472-E       12.07
Individual ATX parts
V6 ATX NSK-equivalent bearing (NSK 35BD219DUK is obsolete) for bottom ATX idler pulley (requires installation) (yes, this is the right one, correct width etc) 35BG05S10G-2DS 64.05
V6 ATX Timing Belt (obsolete) F3DZ-6268-A       186.81
V6 ATX Torque Wrench Attachment Tool T93P-6254-A 303-443 21.35
V6 ATX Timing Belt Tensioner Tool T93P-6254-B (special order) 303-444 61.54
V6 ATX Accessory Belt JK6-856-AA 1F1Z-8620-AB 27.84
45% 50.62
V6 ATX plug wires WRE-4081 (get ACCEL instead) (obsolete) F3DZ-12259-A       233.78
V6 ATX O2 Sensor DY-649 (1) - buy 2 to get both F1SZ-9F472-A 57.11
45% 103.84
V6 ATX EGR DPFE sensor 4W1Z-9J460-AA 154.78
V6 ATX Motorcraft Long Life oil filter FL400-S 6.86
5% 7.22
V6 ATX Water pump PW-284 F3DZ-8501-A 311.24
V6 ATX Upper Rad hose KM-3087 F5DZ-8260-EA 41.40
V6 ATX Lower Rad hose KM-3085 F5DZ-8286-EA 38.73
V8 Coil Pack DG-465 F6DZ-12029-EA 183.32
10% 203.69
V8 Aftermarket Coil Pack SNP-V8CP        
Parts Common to both ATX and MTX
V6 MTX or ATX NSK Bearing for 4 and 6 rib tensioner pullies (requires installation) (yes, this is the right one, correct width etc) (for ATX, only fits tensioner and top idler, see ATX section for bottom ATX idler bearing) BD20-15DWA 35.19
V6 Thermostat RT 1112 (obsolete) E9DZ-8575-B       39.16
V6 Gauge Temperature Sending Unit SW 2328 F1SZ-10884-A 15.50
20% 19.38
V6 Rad Cap RS-80 E9DZ-8100-A 7.16
5% 7.54
V6 ACCEL 7 mm plug wires - will fit plugs that are 1/16 longer than the AGSP32PP 5119K 83.00
42% 142.44
V6 Plugs, platinum (6) (obsolete, no exact replacement) AGSP32PP       60.18
V6 Plugs, fine wire (6) (close enough fit, 1/16 longer AGSP32FM 51.06
V6 Plugs, copper (6) (close enough fit, 1/16 longer) AGSP32C 18.29
20% 22.86
V8 Plugs, platinum (8) (obsolete, limited quantity available) AWSF32FM 49.28
20% 61.60
V6 Timing chain tensioner, RH (obsolete) E9DZ-6K261-A       107.17
V6 Timing chain tensioner, LH (obsolete) E9DZ-6K261-B       54.37
V6 Timing chains (2) (obsolete) E9DZ-6268-B       97.08
V6 Crank timing belt pulley with CPS shutter wheel (obsolete) E9DZ-6306-C       74.11
V6 Crank timing belt pulley key (obsolete) E9DZ-6B316-A       6.63
Shims/Shim Tools
V6 Tappet Compressor Tool T89P-6500-A 303-344 32.24
V6 Tappet Holder Tool T89P-6500-B 303-345 31.34
V6 Pick Tool T71P-19703-C 100-010 9.34
V6 Used/New Shim Kit Rental, 56 shims - $215 deposit added in cart (tools not included, buy those separately above) SNP-USR 65.00
V6 Shim Kit Purchase, Gary Morrell Shim Set (56 shims, new or used supplied as available, tools not included, buy those separately above) SNP-GMSS56 280.00
V6 Individual Shims (obsolete, new or used supplied as available) E9DZ-6515-XXX 5.00
V8 Individual Shims (fit V6, sizes 2.200 mm, 2.600 mm and 2.500 mm only) F6DZ-6515-XX 6.98
V6 Felpro Valve Cover Kit Gaskets        
V6 Front crank seal Gaskets        
V6 Oil Level Sender Gaskets        
V6 Oil Level Sender Gasket Gaskets        
V6 Crank position sensor DY-910 (obsolete) F3DZ-6C315-AA       186.13
V6 Crank position sensor (SHO Source aftermarket) (out of stock) SS-VM-CPS 159.99     159.99
V6 Cam position sensor DU-47 E9SZ-12A112-A 68.96
20% 86.20
V6 TPS sensor (Aerostar TPS recall kit) F19Z-9B989-BA 51.52
V6 Knock Sensor (obsolete) E5TZ-12A699-A 56.87     56.87
V6 Oil pressure sender SW-1311 D4AZ-9278-A 10.28
25% 13.71
V6 Air Charge Temperature (ACT) Sender DY-670 F32Z-12A697-C 66.61
15% 78.36
V6 Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sender DY-1145 60.59
V6 Ignition/DIS Module DY-958 1U2Z-12A297-CB 215.54
45% 391.89
V6 Fuel Filter FG-800A 13.77
30% 19.67
Mark Nunnally 60K VHS Video (limited quantity available) SNP-MN60KV 20.00
Mark Nunnally 60K DVD Video SNP-MN60KDVDV 22.00